Why Domainbox

So many reasons, too many to list - here are just a few...

Domainbox offer you a comprehensive, reliable and scalable reseller package that gives you all the functionality and flexibility that you need to become a successful reseller.

We currently manage over 5 million domains names and counting worldwide, so you can be sure you're safe in our hands. We are RAA compliant, super-secure and are constantly growing. Plus our Domainbox EPP server also provides the ability to conduct domain, contact and host object transactions using RFC standard EPP XML. Our platform packs a real punch.

Domainbox Benefits

Convinced? – Thought you might be...

Box clever with Domainbox.com

  • World's largest domain name supplier for gTLDs in the past 2 years.
  • No.1 supplier of .co domains on launch, secured >90% of pre-orders.
  • No up front costs - we are free! Start selling today.
  • Easy reseller switching - leave it to us.
  • Domain back orders - best drop catcher in the world.
    • Fastest customer 'snappers'.
    • Daily domain drop list.
    • Daily back order scan match.
  • SOAP based API, easy integration.
  • Name suggestions - proven 8 - 10% uplift in sales.
  • Sell premium domain names.
  • Sandbox mirrors current live environment.
  • Privacy services (hide WHOis).
  • More accreditations than competitors.
  • Take a look at our low prices

Fantastic and Flexible

Our platform is fully flexible no matter how large or small your operation, from setting up a domain store, to providing reseller systems to the .wales and .cymru domain registry.

With a variety of solutions for existing domains or new launch domains, we bring out the best and provide added value services to your domain business. Whether a reseller, retailer or domain registry, our platform will work the way you want it to, be it through our awesome API or our ace Admin Portal.

  • Registrar / Reseller. Services and solutions provided to registrars and resellers such as Daily Internet and Dominio Amigo.
  • Transitioning. We have a wealth of experience transitioning of thousands of domains to one consolidated location.
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